Switzerland to destroy 10 mn doses of Moderna COVID jab

The ministry claimed it was forced to stop the jabs, after the doses had expired on Wednesday, as per Keystone ATS.

It informed the news agency that 2.5 million doses were kept at the Swiss base for logistics of the army as well as 7.8 million were stored in an outside storage facility in Belgium.

The ministry has confirmed the initial report of Swiss news website Beobachter and stated that the dosages planned for destruction were estimated at the 280-million mark Swiss Francs ($285 millions).

Its health department, that didn’t instantly respond to comment received from AFP The health ministry also highlighted its initial procurement strategy as it raced to create the vaccine to combat the Covid-19 pandemic that is sweeping the world.

It requested doses from a variety of manufacturers in order to avoid dependence on vaccines that may eventually be uneffective and protect against any issues with delivery.

The reality the vaccinationsbased on the technology of mRNA, such as Moderna and Pfizer BioNTech, proved to be effective resulted in Switzerland with a substantial overdose.

In June the Swissinfo news website estimated that Switzerland was home to 38 million doses different Covid vaccines. These would expire prior to the end of the year.

The ministry announced that 3.5 millions doses of latest, modified Moderna vaccine will be made accessible in the coming days when Switzerland starts the next booster program in the coming month.

Switzerland has recorded 13,556 deaths caused by Covid since the beginning of the disease it has completely vaccinated more than 70% of its population which is 8.7 million.

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