Sindh requests Punjab for medical assistance amid floods

These details show that the Sindh Health Department sent a letter the Punjab Health Secret.

The Sindh Health Department stated in a letter that Sindh needs support from Punjab because Sindh is experiencing a severe shortage in doctors and paramedics. Ten districts in Sindh are in dire need.

The letter states that ten districts need paediatricians and gynaecologists as well as psychologists and dermatologists immediately.

The letter states that 380 medical staff are needed, including experts in 10 districts Sindh and 27 dermatologists, 27 pediatricians, and 18 gynaecologists.

It was also stated that 45 male doctors and 45 female physicians, 72 staff nurses and 90 dispensers were required because 3,841,492 people are in 10 districts within Sindh affected by flooding.

Sindh needs the services of paramedical personnel and physicians for different districts in Sindh to deal with flooding and torrential rains in the province.

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