People Shouldn’t Sell Their Kidneys For iPhones: Red Cross

Selling your kidneys to buy an iPhone is only an Internet meme, and not much more, according to the Red Cross after a recent incident in Vietnam.

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Dr. Nith, a Vietnamese clinic that is located in Laos posted a picture on social media that showed three people covered in bloody bandages, holding up the brand new iPhone 14. It clearly implied that you donate your kidney in order to receive the most recent iPhone.

It was intended to be a fun image to promote marketing, but it caused controversy throughout Thailand and Vietnam when it went viral via social media. The public began to take it seriously and it spread to the degree that an official from the Red Cross had to publicly condemn it to ensure that it wasn’t taken on its own.

The picture has been removed from a number of social media sites.

Sophon Mekthon the director at the Organ Donation Centre under the Thai Red Cross Society said that the image was unethical and insensitive, and individuals should not be encouraged to sell organs. He also reminded the public that trading organs within Thailand has been deemed illegal.

Organ trading is not allowed. This is a crime. It is not appropriate to advocate selling organs, in particular for the purpose of obtaining money to buy an iPhone. This is morally unjust and unprofessional.

Instead an official from the Red Cross official told people to sign up at their Thai Red Cross Organ Donation Centre to be organ donors when they die. The official added that there’s a shortage of organ donors and that more than 6,000 people are currently waiting on the waiting list.

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