HPV immunisation of adolescent girls can reduce chances of cervical cancer

Dr Atta-ur-Rehman was the Patron in Chief for the ICCBS. Dr Khalid M. Iraqi was Vice Chancellor at Karachi University. Mr Rudiger Lotz was Consul General of Germany. Dr Thomas Iffner, Director Medical Virology Institute Tubingen University and Dr M. Iqbal Choudhary were also among the other renowned members.

The conference stated that Pakistan is a country with high rates of HPV infections and a higher risk of developing cervical cancer. This is because sexual education in Pakistan is prohibited, which makes it difficult to prevent this potentially fatal disease among women.

It is not caused by a single agent, so it is very preventable. However, it is still a common cancer due to a lack knowledge and immunization. The IPVS Symposium would enable its members to exchange resources, technologies, data and research on the most effective ways to eradicate this malignancy around the world.

Dr Atta Ur Rehman also spoke about MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), a cost-free, ever-expanding resource that offers thousands of hours of lectures at both the high school level and university levels and has improved access to education.

Minister for Health and Population Welfare Azra Fazal Perchuho expressed delight at the programme’s three sessions featuring women doctors, journalists, and health advocates.

They provide shelter and food for their families, as well as water-borne diseases like dengue, malaria and gastroenteritis.

Azra Pechuho said that she was aware that HPV immunization for adolescent girl can significantly lower the risk of cervical carcinoma in women. The Ministry launched a well-structured vaccination initiative to eradicate this preventable disease and reduce cervical cancer-related deaths.

The Health Department began screening in many maternity centers in Sindh’s megacities. She anticipates that international partners will provide technical and guidance in these efforts.


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