This revolutionary drug could fix spinal cord injuries

Scientists have created an injection which is described as “revolutionary”.

According to a study new study, the drug TTK21 could be able to heal injured spinal cords. It was tested on paralyzed mice, which regenerated nerves within 3 months after receiving it.

The lead writer The lead researcher Dr. Simone Di Giovanni of Imperial College London stated in a statement to the media this drug is extremely crucial as there is no treatment for spinal cord injuries that are chronic.

In these cases the neuronal repair and regrowth fails. TTK21 However, it appears to boost neuronal activity at synapses and encourage the growth of neurons.

The injury of the spinal cord isn’t restricted to the back, but can affect the flow of electrical signals through the brain and the body’s other organs. This could result in paralysis in the muscles.

The study was published in PLOS Biology said that the the new drug could regenerate axons, which are the long spindly components of nerve cells.

Presently there is no physical therapy that can help injured patients regain mobility. Beyond that there aren’t any drugs to treat chronic spine injury.

The mice were treated with the medication for 12 weeks following an injury that was severe. Researchers discovered that TTK21 aids in the growth of sensory and motor neurons.

This is an epigenetic activator which targets DNA that is damaged.

According to Dr. Giovanni Dr. Giovanni, the rise in the growth of sensory axons may result from an rise in gene expression linked to regeneration.

The doctor added that scientists are looking for new ways to utilize the drug and mix them with different biomaterials in order to “improve the quality of life for SCI sufferers”.

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