Lewis Hamilton: ‘I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon’

As 2022’s Formula 1 season entering its final phase, Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton discussed his race, and his future in an interview with Formula1.com. The driver spoke about what winning the record-breaking eighth Formula 1 World Championship would be for him, his potential future in the sport, and also his plans for his Mercedes Formula 1 team.

Hamilton who has dropped out of the race for a championship this year and has recently made the 300th Grand Prix start and is currently the record holder for greatest pole position (103) and wins (103) of F1 history. His seven titles put him in the same category as famous Michael Schumacher for the most in F1 history. If he could win another win Hamilton would be with the top of the field.

In all likelihood, the fact that no driver has ever surpassed seven is something you’d like to achieve that. However, as you grow older, you realize that the travel is the most important part , and the journey you share with all people you meet, and all the people you bring along with you and everyone you attempt to lift up…

Hamilton’s most impressive performances this season have come in the form of his two podium finish, his first coming in Hamilton’s French Grand Prix back in July, when he was just ten seconds ahead of Max Verstappen from Red Bull. This Grand Prix was notable because of a crash involving the Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc that saw Leclerc give the lead to Verstappen at the 18th lap which allowed Red Bull to cruise to victory.

Hamilton later finished second in Hamilton’s second place finish at the Hungary Grand Prix a week later, just the likes of Verstappen despite having the fastest lap time at the race.

Yet despite the fact that Hamilton as well as Mercedes have been eliminated from title race, Hamilton isn’t planning to go elsewhere. “I believe I’ll be in Mercedes up to the moment I pass away. It seems like I could be racing for a lot longer and I’m likely to be taking a nudge towards the future.”

Hamilton’s future will also involve an entry to Hamilton’s future also includes a move into National Football League. Recently, it was announced that Hamilton was becoming part of the current ownership team for Denver Broncos. Denver Broncos:

But his attention will be on his track and the possibility of a record-breaking championship. That’s why you’re able to put off those stories about his imminent retirement to the side for a few more months:

Since the beginning, we’ve been moving through the ages, between highs and lows, telling stories of retiring and then not stopping. Personally, I’m feeling more healthy than I’ve ever felt and I’m focusing heavily on the fact that I’m feeling strong. I am enjoying what I’m doing and don’t anticipate going back anytime very soon.

This year’s F1 Grand Prix is set to take place at the end of the month, and will be followed by it being called the Singapore Grand Prix. It is the first time that the Singapore Grand Prix will be held following a gap of two years because of Covid-19. Hamilton placed fourth in the 2018 Singapore Grand Prix, won by Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel.

F1 recently released their 2023 schedule for 2023 which includes an all-time high of 24 events, with three events in America. United States.

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