Methods To Convert Instagram Leads Via A WhatsApp Link, Learn How?

Statics estimates that WhatsApp will have 2.44 billion users by August 2022. WhatsApp is used by both small and large businesses for communication. It can also be used to convert Instagram leads.

People like to shop while browsing Instagram. This is why it is important to have a way to communicate with them and to help them market their brands. WhatsApp chat is the best way to convert these leads.

Customers love businesses with a WhatsApp link. They can quickly clear up their questions or receive support if needed. WhatsApp communication gives customers the feeling that someone is listening to them and can solve their problems.

Before we dive in, let’s first see how WhatsApp can help your business.

A Short View Of The WhatsApp Link For Instagram

You can direct your Instagram followers to a WhatsApp link and have a conversation on WhatsApp. You can communicate with potential customers according to your availability, send them promotional messages, request feedback, solve surveys, and answer their questions.

You can also use the app to send photos, videos of products, voice messages, documents, and customer support. Businesses can also use positive feedback to create a section in their Instagram profile for customers.

Are you still convinced that a WhatsApp link on Instagram can convert leads? Customers can reach you with a single click and have their questions answered immediately.

Now that you have learned the benefits, let’s learn how to convert your Instagram leads using a WhatsApp link.

How to Convert Instagram Leads Via a WhatsApp Link?

These are the three ways to convert Instagram leads via WhatsApp Link:

  1. Attaching WhatsApp Buttons To Your Instagram Business Accountq

whatsapp to instagram

 Select contact options, click on WhatsApp, and then enter the verification code.

Finally, you will see a WhatsApp button. This will allow your Instagram leads to stay in touch with you company.

  1. Via Boosted Posts

boosted post

This can be done by adding your WhatsApp number in the “Contact Options” section of your Instagram business profile. Then, select any existing posts that you want to increase reach. Click on the blue button and choose messages and WhatsApp later. For your advertisement, set a goal, budget and duration.

Before you click on create an advertisement, review your objectives. Once your advertisement is finalized, it will go live within 24 hours

    1. Inserting WhatsApp Link To Your Instagram Stories Highlights

whatsapp story

Instagram stories can help you increase brand awareness and sales. You can add a WhatsApp link in your Instagram story to show your support for your customers.

First, you must ensure that your Instagram business account has more than 10k followers before adding links to Instagram Stories. Next, create a new story with a WhatsApp icon photo in a 9 to 16 aspect ratio. Then post it as story and add your WhatsApp link to that story. For example, Open the link and enter the URL phone q(your phone number in the international format). Save the story that you just published to Instagram as a highlight.

You should give the highlight story a name

Bonuses of Converting Instagram Leads via A WhatsApp Link

You Build a Contact List

Insta whatsapp

You can convert leads using WhatsApp links. However, you don’t need to contact your customer after delivery. WhatsApp allows you to build a long-term relationship and trust with your customer.

This method allows you to optimize your contact list, import all contacts to a customer relation management (CRM), send lots of messages to customers and more. You can save the number of customers from Instagram and keep in touch with them after they receive their order.

Perfect User-Experience

Online shoppers worry about whether the product will be good or bad. Online shoppers are often confused and unable to communicate with one another.

You can also convert your leads via WhatsApp. This will assure your customers that you are always available to help them if the product is not working as you expect. Automating customer support is possible if your sales rise significantly.

You can also use WhatsApp group messages and custom responses to quickly answer frequently asked questions. This is a great opportunity to have a meaningful conversation along the way with your customers.

Working on Retention Span

It can be difficult to keep your audience engaged when you are introducing new products each day. We are often overwhelmed by the number of brand advertisements on Instagram and are unsure how to choose.

You have completed half your job by enchanting your customers with your products, Instagram and introducing them to WhatsApp. You must keep them informed about their order and why they should shop with your brand in future.

Send feedback forms, urge regarding the launch of new products and establish a strong relationship which boosts their retention span.

Keep your communications short and to the point. Don’t spam your customers with too many messages. Adding videos, photos and social proofs to your messages will help strengthen them. Personalize your messages by including humor and the brand’s feel.

Use Sales Techniques like Upsell and Cross-Sell

cross selling and up selling

Nearly 99% of WhatsApp messages are opened by people. Ask your customer if they would like to receive updates when they purchase a product or use your services. You can send them product catalogs, discounts, new launches, and other sales techniques such as upselling and cross-selling if they consent.

Let’s say you send them updates on your order. This will give you the opportunity to suggest other products. It is better to find out what they have bought so you can suggest similar products. You could take, for example:

Peter! We hope that the sofa you purchased looks great in your living space. A beautiful wooden table can make your living space complete. You can click the link below to see our latest collection of wooden tables, available at a discount of 30% and free shipping.

Establish a Worthy Brand


Your potential buyers can leave a message via WhatsApp link instead of the website link in your bio. Your response and brand loyalty are also important. Customers prefer a brand that fulfills their expectations.

This shows that your communication skills are excellent. You get many leads in your inbox, which you then convert into sales.

Perfect Purchasing Process


Social commerce is growing rapidly, with Instagram being the most popular platform for generating sales. Selling isn’t enough. You need to provide a great user experience and resolve any issues quickly before they switch to another brand. You can accomplish this by redirecting your traffic to WhatsApp.

You can’t guarantee a great customer experience if you don’t make it easy for them. You don’t need to chase potential customers via DMs after you have placed a WhatsApp link on Instagram.

A WhatsApp link in your bio builds trust and credibility for your brand. You can also track your progress and use metrics for making decisions.

Common Problems that may occur when connecting a WhatsApp link to Instagram

These are some of the problems that can occur when you add WhatsApp links to Instagram.

Instagram prohibits users from sending your URL to more than five times per day. If you do, it will block your Instagram account. Talk to your leads on IG within the limits.

It is possible to make a mistake and enter the wrong number. This can cause you to lose sales.

When creating the WhatsApp link, you need to be careful. Even a single error could cause the link to fail. For example, if the number is in international format such as “009” or”+480″, it must be entered with no extra characters. This represents only the country code.


You can offer a value proposition by placing a WhatsApp link on an IG profile. To lock the deal, you don’t need to search for other messaging platforms or chase potential customers via Direct Messages. All you have to do is add the link-generating function. If the price and proposal excite your prospects they will immediately get connected with you.

You can convert Instagram leads via WhatsApp, regardless of whether you own a small business or a well-established company.

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