iPhone14 Camera Is Shaking and Producing Buzzing Noise and No One Has Came to Rescue Yet

iPhone appears to be overprotecting its users and won’t allow third-party cameras to be used. Users are experiencing terrible experiences with third-party cameras. If another app is used, the camera makes a strange noise and shakes as if it is protesting against other apps. Apple has been the target of international criticism and distrust because they have not managed to improve on their previous performance.

It is unclear if it is a hardware issue or software problem that can be fixed or if a software upgrade is the only way to solve it. Apple answered that customers who have experienced an issue with their iPhones should visit an Apple Store, or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Apple stated that users only need to update their iPhones once a new software update is available next week. This suggests that the problem does not cause permanent hardware damage. A new iOS 16 iOS16.0.1 software was released last week just a few days following the iPhone 14’s release. This was because Facetime and iMessage refused to work.

A well-known Tech Youtuber Luke Miani shared his iPhone 14 experience and showed how the iPhone 14 camera went crazy when he attempted to use Snapchat video. That clip was shared on his YouTube and his Twitter. It has become viral because many people are having similar issues.

Apple acknowledged the problem in a statement. Apple says that a fix will be available within the next week. This issue can cause hardware damage if your iPhone 14 Pro is affected. According to a spokesperson,

“We are aware of the problem and will release a fix next week,”

This problem appears to only affect the iPhone 14 Pro camera when it is used in a third party app. Many people complaining on social media claim that the problem is occurring in apps such as Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. It’s almost certain that the iPhone 14 Pro camera shake/rattling issue is a software bug. These third-party apps were not prepared for the iPhone 14 Pro camera change. It could be related to optical image stability, which is why the camera module makes rattling noises.

Most repairers agree that this is a serious hardware problem and that they have made a mistake. They have to throw away all manufactured products and replace every phone. Apple is buying time, and they will eventually reveal the truth. This rumor could be the most serious mistake in the history of Apple and the smartphones industry. This is a rumor that has no support. However, a customer of Apple called “BMC-C” commented on a MacRumors Articlethat.

“Last night, an AppleCare senior engineer informed me that my phone had to be replaced. He told me he would need to move me to sales. Sales stated that they would arrange a replacement and return. They could charge my card for the phone, so I can return the phone once I get the replacement. They told me that they would only send me a return label to my phone, and they would place a new order once they received it. I was told that I would be without my phone for approximately 6 weeks. She told me that it was not going to work, and offered to take me back to AppleCare. Luke Miani has already stated that his camera’s autofocus was now permanently damaged. After AppleCare’s senior engineer said that my phone needed to be replaced, I don’t know if I can trust a software fix. I ordered a new phone, and will return it .”

Apple has not yet revealed the root cause. Both the iPhone 14 Pro models have new sensor-shift optical imaging stabilization. It is possible that the stabilizer has been acting up for unknown reasons, but this is speculation. The problem should be resolved in a matter days. It is not clear if the next update will address other cameras or AirDrop bugs discovered on iPhone 14 models.

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