DHA Claims Charging No Fee For Installing Solar Panels

The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) announced on Tuesday that they do not charge a cost for the installation of solar panels onto rooftops. While those looking for solar panel installation on their roofs are not required to apply but the approval of engineers and evidence of the payment of property and water taxes is required.

Therefore, individuals do not need to pay a fee to install solar panels. However, they must pay DHA dues in order to be granted permission to put them in place. So, a press event took place at the DHA headquarters to announce that DHA doesn’t charge any cost for the installation of solar panels.

The speaker for the DHA society Kashif Fazal stated in the press conference that they will provide the DHA Residential Solar Panel for Property Permit without any cost.

Additionally, Kashif Afzal rejected the reports of penalizing solar panels, describing it to be a form of propaganda. Also, Kashif clarified that you receive the permit when you make an application with DHA Town Planning and Building Control Department. DHA Town Planning and Building Control Department and submit the required documents within 2 days.

Thus, DHA residents who want getting solar panels installed on their homes are able to have the structure and plan cleared by any member of Pakistan Engineers Council, which according to Kashif is mandatory to ensure the security of the residents.

The task for the DHA is to ensure the safety of installing solar panels, make sure of that the panels are installed using quality equipment, and analyze the impact upon residential buildings. In addition, DHA always gives advance warning to the residents to provide plans, maps and other documents prior to the installation of solar panels.

The 8th of September, all the social media platforms associated with the DHA as well as Voice of DHA posted an informative blog post on the installation of solar panels on residential homes. Kashif Afzal told the conference that in order to protect the DHA residents, applicants need to follow specific steps for approval. Therefore, they have to provide all the necessary documents.

The necessary documents include an application in writing and a plan for buildings that have been constructed. A concern about the solar panels’ weight that are not being supported on the rooftops of a lot of houses that were constructed was featured on the news.

A solar panel structure fell and fell over a car within the DHA one time, but luckily, no one was hurt. As there is no way to prevent such incidents is possible, the DHA has issued warnings and even imposed sanctions on a few of its residents for not adhering to the building regulations and putting solar panels onto their roofs without permission and approval.

On the other hand, Facebook and Twitter was hit with lots of snark from DHA residents about the decision of the DHA authority to give them notices and fines for infractions to the laws governing construction and installing high-rise steel structures for solar panels on rooftops

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