Top in endocrinology: Acute cholecystitis; bone fragility measurement tool

The FDA Adverse Reporting System data revealed a link between acute cholecystitis and GLP-1 receptor antagonists.

Researchers discovered 36 cases of acute Cholecystitis linked to GLP-1 receptor antagonists. This led to severe outcomes such as liver necrosis, pancreatitis and even death. This was the most talked about story in endocrinology this week.

X-ray of an arm fracture 
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Another notable story was FDA’s designation of a device for a bone fragility measuring tool for older women. This clinical tool allows older women to be identified as at-risk for fracture. It also allows them to receive treatment to prevent future fractures.

These and other top stories in endocrinology can be found below.

Acute cholecystitis in the US:

According to FDA Adverse Event Reporting System findings published in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers have discovered 36 cases of acute Cholecystitis linked to the use of GLP-1 receptor antagonists in the U.S. Continue reading.

A breakthrough device is created to measure bone fragility in older women.

According to an industry press release, the FDA has given breakthrough device designation to a tool that can be used to determine bone fragility and fracture risk in older women.

Cognitive decline in older adults with type-2 diabetes is linked to muscle mass and skeletal loss

According to a study published by Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications, cognitive decline is associated with type 2 diabetes. This is especially true for older adults. Continue reading.

Infancy total infections are more severe than childhood obesity treatment

According to research data, childhood obesity was associated with more infections than antibiotic use.

Children who are obese or overweight may not be ready for kindergarten

According to research data, children with obesity or overweight were twice as likely as their peers who were normal weight to be ready for school in year 2.

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