Just 25% of eligible patients say they received fifth COVID-19 vaccine dose

According to the Global Healthy Living Foundation survey results, approximately 25% of immunocompromised people have received a fifth dose of vaccines.

The Global Healthy Living Foundation’s COVID-19 patient support program collected 1,492 responses to the poll. According to a release, 93% of the respondents reported that they were immunocompromised, while 96% reported having received the initial two-dose course in mRNA COVID-19 vaccination.

A woman gets vaccinated.  
According to the Global Healthy Living Foundation, three quarters of respondents said they had not received their fifth dose of vaccines. Source: Adobe Stock

The CDC has issued guidance that states patients aged 12 or older who are immunocompromised and are eligible for treatment. According to the guidance, the dose should not be given earlier than four months after the fourth dose.

78% of those who completed the survey reported that they received a fourth dose, and 25% said they had received a fifth dose. The Johnson and Johnson single-dose vaccine was given to patients as their first dose. 80% of them reported that they received a second dose and two thirds said they planned to get additional doses.

77% of patients who received their fifth dose reported that they had no difficulty getting the vaccine. 31% of respondents reported that the most common reason they didn’t receive a fifth dose was because they were waiting for a boost-specific version. You must be within the four-month period before you are eligible. Also, ask your health care provider for advice.

According to the release, “many” respondents did not know that a fifth dose of immunocompromised patients is recommended.

The release stated that the recommendation for the fifth COVID-19 vaccination dose was made because COVID-19 hospitalizations and case numbers have been increasing in the U.S. This is due in large part to the BA.4/BA.5 variants which now account for 80 percent of COVID-19 patients in the U.S. It is important to keep up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccine dosages.

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