Apple is Raising App Store Prices in Some Countries Including Pakistan

Apple announced that new prices will be implemented starting Oct 5, except for subscriptions that automatically renew.

Bengaluru: Apple Inc. announced Tuesday, September 20, that app prices and in-app purchases rates will increase on its App Store starting next month. This applies to the entire Eurozone, as well as certain countries including Pakistan and South America.

Apple Inc., the US tech giant, has frequently modified its prices in many regions. To adjust for taxes and exchange rate adjustments, many apps’ starting costs have fallen from 1.09 euros (259.33)Pkr down to 99cs (237.82). Pkr/.

Apple announced that the new prices would be effective as soon as Oct 5, in a blog post posted Sept 20. The company did not explain why, but it could be due to local currencies that are weaker than the US dollar. The area affected by the increase is different.

In South Korea, for example, prices can rise by 20% to 25%, in Japan 30% to 35%, and in euro-zones 8% to 10%. This could change depending on which tier you are in.

The Yen, Euro and currencies of major industrialized countries have all been affected by the rapid rise in inflation. The euro dropped to its lowest level in two decades and has remained at parity with the dollar for weeks.

Apart from the Eurozone nations, Japan, South Korea and South Korea will experience price increases, along with Chile in South America. Apple claims that price increases in some countries like Vietnam are due to new tax collection rules.

Apple’s latest iPhone was unveiled earlier this month. However, the company has increased its services business to reduce dependence on its mainstay smartphones. Apple indicated that developers might notice increased costs in the My Apps area once these changes are implemented.

Apple may have to accept other payment methods in order to make some revenue, as well as local regulations like those in South Korea or Japan. Apple, a tech giant, is now worth around $20 billion per quarter in services revenue.

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