YouTube’s 10 Unskippable Advertisement Experiment Finally Comes to an End: Will it Soon Become a Permanent Feature?

Just a few days prior the event, a lot of Youtube users who are free have taken to various social media platforms to announce that they’re being made to watch five or sometimes 10 non-skippable advertisements prior to watching the video.

People who were angry began to attack the app and argued that the increase in advertisements as a way of requiring users to sign their premium ads free membership.

It was revealed later that the increased amount of ads that were not skippable was an experiment that was conducted on a limited group of users. YouTube’s announcement of the past few days indicates that the experiment has come to an end, and that users won’t be faced with these ads however, how long until these ads will become permanent?

TypicallyYouTube has a short and a longer ad The shorter one runs only a few seconds , and does not offer users an option to skip, while the longer version on the contrary, runs for one minute, but it lets users skip after a specific amount of time.

The lengths of non-skippable ads have grown over time, but they didn’t really affect users as it was not obvious but a significant rise in the number of advertisements is certainly obvious and has been triggering many users.

The great thing about the unskippable 10 YouTube advertisements is that all 10 will be running for a total of 60 seconds prior to the start of any video , so the amount of time required to go through the video won’t be long enough.

Although they’re only 60 seconds long, these ads will bombard viewers with an odd mix of various brands, music and information, which will reduce attention spans. This is something that advertising and marketing are always doing.

“At YouTube we are focused on helping brands reach people around the world and are constantly trying new ways to present ads that improve the experience of viewers. We conducted a test all over the world that featured several ads within an ad pod while viewers watched longer films on connected televisions. The aim is to create an improved experience for viewers through reducing ads that break. The experiment has been concluded. trial” stated a spokesperson for YouTube about the unskippable 10 advertisement test.

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