PM Shehbaz orders Muhammad Usman to control dengue

Islamabad: Shehbaz Sharif who is the prime minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, noticed the rising Dengue-related cases that were surfacing in Sindh and appointed the Captain (R) Muhammad Usman, Chief Commissioner of Islamabad to develop an approach in cooperation together with the province’s government in order to end dengue.

Premier Secretary Shehbaz Sharif assigned the job the Captain (R) Muhammad Usman who played a significant part in Sindh.

Premier Secretary Shehbaz Sharif declared the Captain (r) Muhammad Usman must develop a plan together with his Sindh government to eliminate dengue in Sindh.

Captain (R) Muhammad Usman has played a significant part in the elimination of dengue in Punjab. Muhammad Usman created an important decision to eradicate dengue in Punjab and then implemented the policy.

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