Early build of GTA 6 gameplay leaks online

The initial footage of in-game gameplay from Rockstar’s game developer’s long-awaited Grand Theft Auto VI reportedly was leaked via the internet on Saturday. The footage leaked comprises 90 videos contained in the form of a 3GB file that was uploaded to GTA forums. GTA forums.

It’s not known what the source of the footage is However, the leak was uploaded via “teapotuberhacker” via the GTA Platforms. The user claims to be the source of the recent breach of the network which focused on Uber. The hacker also threatens to divulge more information such as source codes and assets, as well as employee information and more.

The videos of gameplay are authentic as verified by an Bloomberg journalist.

The leaked videos feature characters as well as features GTA VI plans to include in the final edition of the game. The videos are accessible through YouTube, Reddit and Twitter.

In the words of the Verge The Verge, the test build cannot be older than two years since the footage is operating with RTX 3060 Ti as well as RTX 3080 card. GTA VI is apparently two years away from being released and the videos leaked are from the testing and development stages.

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