18 Year Old Hacks into Uber, Forces Ride Sharing Giant to Shut Down its Systems

A hacker, claiming to be aged 18, gained access to Uber’s computer sharing network on Thursday 15 September. The hacker also shared offensive messages and images on Uber’s Slack. The ride-hailing company had to close down its systems to prevent further damage.

While discussing the breach, workers at Uber claimed that they couldn’t even search for things on their computers. Uber employees claim that every time they tried to request a page, they were directed to a pornographic website or received a message saying “f**k you wankers”.

Uber immediately informed its employees not to use their systems after the attack was discovered. However, messages remained consistent and Uber’s slack soon received a message from the hacker. It stated that it was a hacker and that Uber had suffered a data breach. Slack was hacked, and confidential data with confluence has been taken. 2 monorepos from Phabricator as well as secrets from sneakers have been stolen. The message was followed with the hashtag #uberunderpaisdrives.

The attack was however carried out on Uber’s internal system and Uber’s fleet of cars as well as its logistical side remained unharmed. It was a dangerous attack that gave the hacker full control of the company’s information.

They have access to Uber almost in full. It is quite clear that this is a compromise. This includes complete access to Amazon and Google-hosted cloud environments, where Uber stores its customer data,” said Sam Curry, a bug bounty hunter.

After being thoroughly investigated, it was discovered that the hacker had hacked into the system via a fake message sent to a worker. This made it appear that the hacker was part of the IT department. He eventually convinced them to share their password.

After receiving thousands of questions Uber released a statement on Twitter, saying that it was responding to a cybersecurity issue. We are in contact with law enforcement. As soon as we have more information, we will post them here.

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