Pakistani Scientist Won Best Presentation Award At A European Event In Serbia

Professor. Hammad Ullah, who is from a small village in Manki located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, won the Award for Best Oral Representation at the 1st European Symposium on Phytochemicals in Medicine and Food (1-EuSPMF) which was held at Belgrade, Serbia which was held on September 7, 2022. Doctor. Hammad Ullah is currently employed as an invited researcher at the Department of Analytical and Food Chemistry University of Vigo Spain.

Professor. Hammad is a regular participant and member to the Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC), International Natural Product Sciences Taskforce (INPST), Phytochemical Society of Europe (PSE),and IUPHAR Mediterranean Group of Natural Products Pharmacologyas scientist and resource contributor, too. His goal is returning to Pakistan through his extensive study of this subject and help the country by increasing the economy of our agricultural sector and building the capacity to withstand climate change.

In the above paragraph as well, as previously mentioned, Dr. Hammad originates from a small town in Manki in KP which is where he completed his early education. He later went to Kohat for his doctorate . He earned his PharmD at the Kohat University of Science and Technology and was awarded an M.Phil diploma in Pharmacological Sciences in the year 2019, and he was accepted for Ph.D. studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Naples Federico II Italy, with a scholarship that was fully funded.

The aim for EuSPMF is to examine the latest developments in the field of phytochemicals, and their use in both food and medicine. In order to ensure that the phytochemicals in food (e.g.

Broccoli as well as collard greens, cabbage, cauliflower, kale and Brussels sprouts

) advancement is possible to scale up and commercialize and safe and affordable food products can be made available to the people. The phytochemical industry is still developing and technological advancements are not yet ready for commercialized but the society is growing quickly.

As the name implies, the 1-EuSPMF event was the first Symposium held through the International Association of Dietetic Nutrition and Safety (IADNS) and the Institute of Food Technology and Biochemistry of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, and is supported through the Serbian Chemical Society, and the Phytochemical Society of Europe (PSE). These organizations all invest many resources and time to support this event, as the demand for premium food items that can have positive impact on human health has growing as the increasingly toxic synthetic food products have spread throughout the world There is a demand for “healthy yet tasty food”.

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