Cyber Crimes Are Increasing at an Alarming Rate, Here Are 5 Tips to Protect Yourself Against it

Although the development of technology and the internet has certainly provided us with the most efficient speed but it has also created a potentially dangerous curse known as hacking and data breaching. that is something that happens either unknowingly or in conscious awareness is commonplace on the internet. Even more alarming is that technology is constantly improving, the number of cyber-related crime is only growing and are becoming more difficult to resolve.

Pakistan despite having the 36.5 percent internet penetration rate has reported about 100,00 cybercrime instances in 2021. The report was issued from DG FIA Dr. SanaullahAbbasi and the figures only continued to rise because FIA only in the initial quarter of 2022 had received more than sixty thousand cybercrime-related complaints. This is alarming figures and it’s high time that everyone takes their safety in their own and takes their own security into their own.

How do you do my part to ensure my safety on the web? This is a frequent question as a lot of people do not grasp the basic cyber security techniques that will keep you safe. But, there’s no need to worry as we are offering 5 methods to protect yourself from cybercriminals and hackers.

  1. Keep Your Software Updated

If we use a computer or mobile phone, we’re not particularly concerned about upgrading our applications and software, as we continue to use older versions and obsolete versions. This is a serious mistake because it permits hackers and hackers to gain access to the data of your device through weaknesses and vulnerabilities that are commonly found within older versions of various software. If an older version of the program is the only option you have, make sure you download updates for all known vulnerabilities in the program.

  1. Utilize VPN (Virtual Private Network) For Public Networks

A public WiFi network is utilized by a variety of users and you don’t even know which of them is a hacker who wants to access information regarding you. To prevent hackers from doing this it’s a good option to use the VPN when you use the internet on a public network.

  1. Beware of pop-ups as well as Emails

We’ve all received emails that provide us with things like a $1000 gift card, or a spin on the wheel to buy the most recent iPhone. Many people especially older generations, think that they are getting a genuine deal and decide to give away things like passwords or credit card details.

If you encounter an untrue email or pop-up, you should be alerted and stay away from going to websites that offer such messages in the first place.

  1. Strengthen Your Network

The majority of the tips you will find on the web are designed to prevent the hackers as well as data breach from being able to get away of your computer. However, even when a hacker does manage to gain access to a secure security system, it won’t allow him gain access to any information.

An excellent way to secure your network is to include the password encryption of all your private and important information. In this way, anyone who is able to be able to access data, but wouldn’t have access to it.

  1. Know Where to Go When You’re being attacked

This is the final and most important aspect in the event of being you are attacked by hackers, it is crucial not to be in a panic, and take the essential precautions to secure other information and credentials. When you discover unusual activity, you must act quickly and get in touch with support for the important places like banks and websites, request credit reports from banks and lodge a complaint with the relevant authorities.

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