Popular Chrome Extensions with 1.4 Million Users Discovered Stealing User Data

Because Google Chrome is the most extensively used browser on the web in all of the globe, it ought to be it as no shock that extensions can be used in a variety of scenarios. Extensions for browsers offer useful features including the capability to block ads, take quick screenshots, find coupons on websites for shopping as well as a myriad of other services that are useful.

According to a report conducted by McAfee variety of Chrome extensions which include some of the most popular, are liable for collecting the personal details of users. Some of these extensions include “Netflix Party,” “Netflix Party 2,” “Full Page Screenshot Capture,” and “FlipShope,” among others. The extensions have a number of more than 1.4 million downloaded.

Netflix Party and Netflix Party 2 are extension that has been used over 800,000 and 300,000. respectively, which makes them the most downloaded of all the extensions. This extension accomplishes exactly what is stated in its name allows you to stream Netflix with your family and friends online , synchronizing the content you watch. It also offers the possibility of stopping and stream your videos for all those who are participating at the event as well as chat rooms that are situated close to the content you’re viewing on Netflix.

FlipShope is a price monitor on a range of shopping websites. the capabilities of Full Screenshot Capture of a Page does not need an explanation.

Based on the research conducted by McAfee the add-ons have the capability of loading an multi-purpose script that transmits information about your surfing habits to a domain which can be controlled by an attack. If you visit an alternative website, the information you input is transmitted to the website. It was discovered that extensions were collecting the user’s ID, the address of the device and zip codes, as well as the nationality of the user, and additional information.

The victims were able to access eCommerce websites after the code was embedded into their browsers by using this method. Cookies from these sites were altered by the code to earn affiliate commissions for the items bought.

McAfee hasn’t wasted time in informing Google about their findings, which is why Netflix Party, Netflix Party 2 as well as Auto Buy Flash Sales have been removed off Google’s Chrome web store.

However, FlipShope as well as Full Page Screenshot Capture may still be downloaded from the store but the rationale behind this isn’t obvious.

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