Next-gen USBs could be twice as fast, with cables you already own

The next version of USB might be one of the fastest connections to date. As per the USB Promoter Group, USB 4 version 2.0 can reach speeds of up to 80 Gbps more than double what initial USB 4 and even Thunderbolt 4 are capable of.

The technical specification that is official from the USB Implementers Forum, which is responsible for the standard is not yet published. The facts which have been released today are awe-inspiring. According to a news release The Promoter Group states that USB 4 version 2.0 cables will utilize the USB-C connector. This is expected to arrive. The main features of the upgraded USB4 solution include the possibility of operating at up to 80 Gbps that is based on a different physical layer technology, which will use existing 40 Gbps USB Type C passive cables, and new 80 Gbps USB Type C active cables.

The USB Promoter Group that comprises Intel, Apple, Microsoft, HP, and Texas Instruments have declared that the USB-C and power delivery specifications will be revised in order to “allow this greater level of data throughput.” The USB 4 version 2.0 specification will also include improvements that offer speedier speeds for those making use of USB 3.2 (which which the promoters’ group has promised over 20 Gbps -and also better capabilities for DisplayPort and PCIe as it uses the most current versions of these standards (the initial USB 4 only permitted users to utilize DisplayPort 1.4a while “tunnelling,” or carrying DisplayPort as well as USB signals simultaneously).

According to the press release, the update according to the press release, this upgrade is “primarily aimed at developers at this time,” with full branding and marketing guidelines (including logos) to follow in the future. However, it’s interesting to look at what’s on the road and to dream that you could download 4K Blu-worth rays worth of data in just five minutes.

A majority of users won’t require speeds of this magnitude however, the primary advantage of this new protocol will be super-fast screens and storage hubs as well as docks. Due to the speed of 80 Gbps that you can attach the external GPU to your laptop and experience minimal or no impact on performance. This should give you the gaming experience of a desktop with much less overheating.

More details about the version of the USB4 2.0 protocol is expected to be revealed on November 1 during the USB Developer Days 2022 conference. It is likely that there will be additional advantages, but we have to keep an eye on the future.


In the same vein Apple’s iPhones are set to be converted in USB C due to new EU restrictions. In the end, the upcoming iPhone 14 series may be the last to utilize Lightning ports.

Apple has been using USB-C in its MacBooks and tablets for many years and it’s possible that the iPhone might follow suit soon. Since the majority of other smartphones, computers and tablets utilize USB-C, you’ll be able to utilize the same charger for all of your devices in the home.

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