Hey Internet Users of Pakistan, Expect More Shark Internet Attacks in Coming Days

In the past month, Pakistan’s internet service has been experiencing a variety of both large and small issues. Large internet service providers like PTCL, Cybernet and Ufone have suffered an national outage due to the break of a fiber cable. These frequent internet issues and interruptions have caused some damage to Pakistan’s IT-dependent industries that have filed complaints from the beginning of this saga.

Internet service providers, after receiving many complaints have stated that these issues with the internet result from the frequent flooding in areas like areas like the Sukkur division, which is where crucial broadband internet cables are situated. As flood waters remain in the area it is impossible to know how to fix internet cables in a short time.

After investigating the issue, PTA has found out the primary cause of the destruction caused to internet cables lies in the trenches local villagers dug in their Sukkur division. The trenches were erected by locals to keep flooding waters from entering their homes. However, PTCL believes that these damage to cables were caused by the large machinery employed to remove flood waters out of affected areas.

The claims of both authorities have cleared the air and established that the issues with the internet were caused by floods , and that the attack was not from a hostile country, and certainly not the notorious sea sharks that consume cables.

According to a study by PTCL the internet fiber cables that are located inside Ghotki, Khairpur and Sukkur districts are heavily affected, whereas the greatest damage has been incurred in the Tehsil Ranipur district of Khairpur district.

Is this the end of the internet’s destruction? Unfortunately, not according to Minister of IT and Telecom Syed Aminul Haque the damage caused by internet cables are quite severe and, with the heavy rains that are expected to continue, the damage could be expected to get worse.

“Due to massive flooding, the majority of underground cables’ pathways are submerged. This is because relief workers or residents tried to divert floodwaters through digging trenches along the footpaths and roads. The ministry has ordered PTCL to announce an emergency in order repairs could be started when a similar incident is reported to the system. The PTA is continuously monitoring the performance of the service” stated the minister.

Based on the report of the IT ministry representative, cable damage is normal in situations such as these, however things could get worse when optical-fiber cables are hit. The representative also said that although these damages have led to problems with internet in many parts of the country, some cities located in the southern part of Sindh like Karachi, Hyderabad, and Gwadar remain connected to the internet.

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