Make your PS5 stand out with a new faceplate, new colors coming soon

Are you tired of looking at a plain, white console? Mix it up with new interchangeable faceplates from Sony. Available in Midnight Black and Cosmic Red now, with more colours to follow.

You’re not alone if you were taken back a bit by the sleek look of the new generation of PlayStation consoles. The curvy white faceplates on the PS5 were a bit of a surprise. But if you prefer the classic all-black look of previous Sony consoles, then we’ve got good news. In December, Sony announced that it would be making its interchangeable faceplates for the PS5 that come in a variety of new colours, and some are already available for purchase now:

  • Midnight Black — available now
  • Cosmic Red — available now
  • Nova Pink — available in the first half of 2022
  • Galactic Purple — available in the first half of 2022
  • Starlight Blue — available in the first half of 2022

As of Jan. 21, you’ve been able to put in your order for one of these colourful new faceplates from Sony directly, though only for the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red colour variants. And starting Feb. 18, they’ll also be available through other major retailers. There are two versions of the new faceplates, one for the standard PS5 console and one for the digital-only edition that doesn’t have the disc drive, but they both cost the same at $55. While the Nova Pink, Galactic Purple and Starlight Blue colour variants are already available for the DualSense controllers, you’ll have to wait until later in the year if you want a matching faceplate for your console. According to the January announcement from Sony, they’ll become available “during the first half of 2022,” so hopefully, we won’t be waiting too long. We’ll update the page as soon as preorders for the other colours are available.

The PlayStation 5 is particularly elusive, but once you get your hands on one, you’ll be burning to play as many next-gen games as you can grab. But nobody wants to be stuck choosing this over that, deciding which paltry few games you can manage to fit on the PS5’s limited prebuilt storage. Fortunately, you won’t have to since Sony has unlocked the PS5’s extra internal storage drive slot. It wasn’t available when the PS5 launched, but now you can access that extra space to beef up your console’s current storage capacity. Just grab the best M.2 SSD for your gaming needs. Once you snag a compatible drive, you’ll experience all the benefits of that extra storage boost.

Before the mass availability of solid-state drives and before the beta, you could still add an external drive for PS4 games but only play PS4 games from it. You could store PS5 games on a portable SSD, but you couldn’t play them. 

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